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Essential Duties and Responsibilities of performing Photo Editing include the following:

Culling Guide

When the photo editor has downloaded the catalog file, the first task is to organize the images. The editor will only need to edit about 50% of the images and the first step is to determine and mark Green the images that will be edited.

Images chosen should be the best example of a series of images or unique images with only one example. (e.g. Photographer takes 4 pictures of the bride and groom in one pose. The editor chooses 1 to mark as Approved.) These images should also be the best images from the day. Please make sure the Editor takes the time with this process and confirms that Editor is editing the best available photos with a full representation of what the photographer captured.

While doing this review, Editor should also mark images that should not be released to the client as Red. We call these images DNR or Do Not Release and they consist of blurry photos, images too overexposed to edit, misfires, photos with other photographers or the videographer in the frame, corrupt images, etc. These are obvious photographer mistakes that are unsavable with editing.

Editing Guide

After the cull is complete, edit only the Approved (green) images further. We are looking for basic but high-quality edits. This includes fine-tuning exposure, adjusting white balance, straightening, and more. Images should be consistent and true to life in tone.

Pay special attention to the histogram and make sure you’re using the full range of black to white image tones. Whites should be true whites and blacks should be true black.
Pay attention to details – if a slight crop or touch-up would greatly improve an image, please put in the extra time to do this.

Be aware the editing may cause relational issues with an image and the Editor should aim for a middle ground for the ideal look. For instance, if an image has highlights that need to be recovered, do this, but make sure to avoid seeing the grey in those bright spots which can often happen if highlights are over-recovered.

Reduce noise when needed but not in a way that makes the photo look too fake or false. If grain cannot be reduced, the image may not be ideal for a sneak peek.

Images should be: bright, crisp, clean, vibrant

The full set of images should be consistent in editing style, but Editor can effectively use artistic filters or black and white to enhance sneak peek image sets. Some filters can also help with lower quality images to hide or mask some photographer error.

Consistency can help round up the quality of the group of photos. While we shouldn’t edit and release images with unsolvable issues (focus, extreme grain, etc.), when there are just a few images that aren’t as interesting or compelling as the rest of the set but are needed for image count, editing in a uniform style can help bring up the perception of quality to the higher standard of image. This may not be ideal but can be kept in mind when working with a low cull.

*** Candidates should be willing to work on-site once our operation went back to normal.
We are located at Unit 411 Melbourne Residences, 11 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Palanan, 1630 Makati City.

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