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TELEPERFORMANCE PHILIPPINES is hiring for: Recruitment Associate

• Achieve recruitment goals and targets
• Work effectively with internal and external stakeholders/clients
• Ensure effective, efficient, and consistent implementation of client and TP processes and policies
• Conducts in-depth interviews
• Evaluates and examines the skills and competencies of candidates for TP requirements
• Profiles candidates based on specified competencies and qualifications
• Participates in calibration meetings and communicates the needs/demands of hiring accounts
• Facilitates and discusses job offers
• Prepares daily and weekly reports based on function and need
• Performs other tasks that superiors may assign (e.g. call-outs, invites, attending orientations and job fairs, etc.)
• Contributes in continuous improvement and value-creation initiatives benefiting the business (TP), and employees
• Rotates across different recruitment functions due to need, to promote a robust back up system and maintain the cross functional skill set of the team

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Teleperformance serves as a strategic partner to the world’s largest companies in a wide variety of industries. Its customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, consulting and analytics, digital integrated business service solutions, and other high-value specialized services ensure consistently positive customer interactions that are reliable, flexible and intelligent.

Why work at TP?

Best Place To Work
We believe that a happy , motivated employee delivers more than what is required and expected. We have therefore invested heavily in making Teleperformance the “Best Place to Work” with world-class employee engagement programs and state-of-the-art facilities.

Glad to be of Service
We ensure that employees across all levels are afforded with excellent service in the same way external stakeholders are treated. If employees are served well by fellow employees, they will most likely reciprocate the kindness as they go about their daily business taking care of your customers.

Ensuring Health and Wellness
Teleperformance promotes opportunities to cultivate a healthy mind and body for our employees through sporting events, various talent competitions, and wellness initiatives. These efforts advance an employee’s holistic development within the organization, staying true to our Commitment to maintain a balance between work and recreation.

Helping our Stars Shine
Our commitment to workplace satisfaction extends beyond traditional employee services. The company invests in fun events and holiday celebrations that foster friendly competition across the organization and promote the talents that our employees possess.

Our people add value to our client’s brand
We understand customers
We treat our client’s business like our own
We design technology for people

We invest in creating exceptional work environments and provide opportunities for growth that allow you to reach your full potential!

Are you interested in an exciting, dynamic career at TP in the Philippines? We want smart, energetic people to join us!

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Teleperformance careers job hiring philippines jobs vacancies career site openings vacancy

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