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LAND BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES is hiring for: Trust Portfolio Management Department

Place of Assignment : Trust Portfolio Management Department
Position Title : Trust Management Officer
Plantilla Item No. : 21-1281
Salary/Job/Pay Grade : 11
Monthly Salary : Php 107,444.00
Eligibility : Career Service (Professional)/2nd Level Eligibility
Education : Bachelor’s degree preferably in a business-related course;
Preferably with Graduate Studies
Training : Business of Banking; Management and Leadership; Risk
Management; AMLA Rules and Regulations; Trust
Operations; Finance Market Analysis; Portfolio
Management; UITF/Pooled Investments; Investment
Management; Graduate of the One-year Trust Operations
Work Experience : 7 years banking experience preferably in trust business
development, trustaccounts management, trust
custodianship or trust portfolio management, with a
minimum of 2 years in a supervisory position
Competency : Fit and proper for the position, with due consideration to
integrity/probity and diligence; Computer literate, good oral
and written communication skills, good problem-solving
and analytical skills; Good in interpersonal skills

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The Land Bank of the Philippines is a government financial institution that strikes a balance in fulfilling its social mandate of promoting countryside development while remaining financially viable.

LANDBANK aims to promote the Equal Employment Opportunity Principle(EEOP) in its Recruitment, Selection and Placement (RSP) process. It is the policy of LBP to strictly adhere to the principles of merit, fitness and equality. The selection of employees shall be based on their relative qualifications to ensure competent and efficient performance of the duties and assumption of responsibilities of the positions to which these personnel may be appointed.

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Land Bank of the Philippines careers job hiring philippines jobs vacancies career site openings vacancy

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