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TELEPERFORMANCE PHILIPPINES is hiring for: Vice President of Business Development & Solutions

The Vice President of Business Development & Solutions drives the Omni-channel sales solutions of Teleperformance, to successfully turn new local, regional and global business prospects into clients. With an overall sales strategy and value-adding solutions designs, this position ensures that the company achieves or exceeds our margin & revenue goals, aligned to our organization’s vision, mission, core values, norms, & policies.

Key Functions:

Strategic Leadership & Execution
• Designs a comprehensive sales strategy, business development, Omni-channel and solutions designs that complement our global business development frameworks, & strategies that address the market needs and new growth opportunities while working closely with senior executives
• Maps-out a business plan with strategic goals, key actions, targets and measures of success including its complementing resources and tools needed by the unit/department to meet and/or exceed the organizational objectives
• Directs the smooth implementation of well-defined end-to-end business development plans based on the current, or new transformational needs and requirements approved & supported by leadership and our clients
• Appropriates business solutions, standards, and processes not limited to technological and analytical solutions that should trigger and maintain our continuous future-driven relationships with clients
• Drives sales strategies aligned to the “Employer of Choice” key business differentiators as a People Company, which are also our competitive industry advantages in the local, national, & regional markets:

o People Strategy – We value our people to add value to our brand.

o Innovation – We understand Customers.

o Performance Management – We treat our clients’ business like ours.

o Technology – We design technology for people.

o Security – We provide a highly secure environment.

Growth-focused Business, Finance & Compliance
• Upholds and promotes our Teleperformance core values, norms, standard operating policies and procedures
• Develops continuously a high yield network of potential sales leads
• Creates and delivers presentations, proposals, and negotiation of contracts with current, and prospective clients
• Orchestrates, attends and oversees tours and visits to various Teleperformance sites and locations either virtually and/or physically.
• Establishes and maintains our collaborative partnerships with our new clients to ensure that we deliver committed-results
• Consolidates periodic progress reports of the business to map-out quick wins & long-term solutions to manage any opportunities or risks relevant to our business plans or updates
• Analyses all types of risks and opportunities for the business that include a full understanding of the market trends and by appropriating immediate, short-term, and long-term business management strategies and solutions
• Evaluates the project teams’ progress to committed timelines, success indicators, opportunities that require monitoring in the business to attain the transformational objectives / outputs expected
• Keeps the management updated on every aspect of the business operations including opportunities in the marketplace and any developments that may impact the business growth in any way

Engaged & Enabled People
• Maintains ethical practices that nurture a positive work environment conducive to attracting, retaining and motivating high potential employees at all levels
• Establishes and maintains a diverse, equitable, & inclusive team of key sales leaders , project leads and facilitators who are highly engaged and competently prepared to support our overall business strategies
• Highly motivates leadership teams to achieve and maintain outstanding customer experience in sales, business development,
• Ensures the team’s efficiency and productivity by managing their work load allocations, trainings, and problem resolutions; performance reviews, and makes keen recommendations for personnel actions in line with their personal and professional development
• Performs additional work as may be required from time to time within the terms and conditions aligned to the strategic directives and foresight of the business

• Connects to all levels at any point to communicate all concerns within unit or department.
• Works closely with Operations, IT, Global Business Development, Human Resources, Recruitment, & other Support Teams to ensure that sales, business development, and marketing needs are addressed in a timely manner
• Works closely with Senior Management and Executive Leadership to align business goals and strategic direction

Decision Making
• Implements special projects, policies, guidelines, norms, programs and initiatives duly approved & designated to the Vice-President of Business Development & Solutions
• Disburses budget released for all Business Development &Solutions, & initiatives approved

Desired Qualifications
• Must have at least 5 years successful sales track record in the contact center industry
• Upper-level business development management experience
• Bachelor’s Degree related to Business Management or any other relevant fields from a reputable educational institution or
• Few relevant units of a Master’s Degree related to Business Administration or
• Applicable experience of at least 6 years in a similar role and level
• At least 10 years of vertical experience with proven subject matter expertise within one of the following industries:

Media | Communications |Travel | Transportation | Marketing

Financial Services | Healthcare | Utilities
• Should have extensive experience in selling to highest level decision makers for contact center outsourcing

• Any learning and development exposure and / or experience that may be directly BPO-relevant or may be transferrable to the BPO operational needs

Professional / Technical:
• Deep understanding of the Business Process Outsourcing Industry
• Sufficient industry understanding and operational knowledge & principles to develop winning solutions:

0 Strategic Management; Account Management; Business Development,

0 Financial Management; Process Improvement; People Management; Performance Management; Effective Presentations

• Sufficient know-how on communication tools not limited to Microsoft Office, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or its equivalent.
• Communicates and interacts effectively and proficiently in written and spoken English through various communication tools that build trust and support from an inclusive but diverse multi-generational workforce
• Regards Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Innovation and Commitment as relevant work values
• Able to work effectively with a culturally diverse workforce and provide leadership in organizational change
• Possesses these attributes that are prerequisite to this role: logical and critical thinking, analytical and extremely detail oriented

Motivational Fitness:
• Exemplifies a positive and proactive disposition about the BPO Industry, its continuously changing challenges, work dynamics, and work environment
• Willingness to work on extended hours and have the flexibility and availability for unconventional shift schedules and locations while maintaining the focus on productivity and efficiency that our business requires

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Teleperformance serves as a strategic partner to the world’s largest companies in a wide variety of industries. Its customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, consulting and analytics, digital integrated business service solutions, and other high-value specialized services ensure consistently positive customer interactions that are reliable, flexible and intelligent.

Why work at TP?

Best Place To Work
We believe that a happy , motivated employee delivers more than what is required and expected. We have therefore invested heavily in making Teleperformance the “Best Place to Work” with world-class employee engagement programs and state-of-the-art facilities.

Glad to be of Service
We ensure that employees across all levels are afforded with excellent service in the same way external stakeholders are treated. If employees are served well by fellow employees, they will most likely reciprocate the kindness as they go about their daily business taking care of your customers.

Ensuring Health and Wellness
Teleperformance promotes opportunities to cultivate a healthy mind and body for our employees through sporting events, various talent competitions, and wellness initiatives. These efforts advance an employee’s holistic development within the organization, staying true to our Commitment to maintain a balance between work and recreation.

Helping our Stars Shine
Our commitment to workplace satisfaction extends beyond traditional employee services. The company invests in fun events and holiday celebrations that foster friendly competition across the organization and promote the talents that our employees possess.

Our people add value to our client’s brand
We understand customers
We treat our client’s business like our own
We design technology for people

We invest in creating exceptional work environments and provide opportunities for growth that allow you to reach your full potential!

Are you interested in an exciting, dynamic career at TP in the Philippines? We want smart, energetic people to join us!

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