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Job Description
Major responsibility within the Geographic purview as an RPS Analyst is to assist the RPS Cluster Leads in the following areas:

  1. Physical Security and Protection of Accenture People, Property, Information and Reputation. a. Laying down and ensuring compliance to physical security procedures consistent to global policies for employees, contractors, service provides and visitors
    b. Ensure due diligence in accordance with Policy 58 while setting up new Accenture facilities
    c. Monitoring and management of security incidents.
    d. Assist in the initial fact finding of Policy 1158 – approved incidents
    e. Oversee installation and upgrade of security systems within the cluster
    f. Conduct of biannual physical security audits
    g. Provision and coordination of local security protection for leadership based upon existing threat.
    h. Assist in managing security operations for offsite events
    i. Convergence of physical security with business resiliency policy and procedures
    j. Support to Information Security certification initiatives
    k. Coordinate with LGU and other Government agencies, as required
    l. Perform Night Duty at the Philippine Security Operations Center when required
  2. Life Safety a) Ensure life safety of Accenture people including travelers, expatriates and those in client sites
    b) Ensure due diligence on life safety while setting up new Accenture facilities
    c) Coordinate with RPS Cluster Leads in the of conduct risk vulnerability assessments of cities, office locations/project sites
    d) Assist RPS in developing life safety plans.
    e) Support emergency medical evacuation within geographical purview.
    f) Monitoring and management of safety incidents.
    g) Coordination of Environment, Health & Safety initiatives.
  3. Business Resiliency and Crisis Management a) Monitor regional geo-political events/natural disaster situations.
    b) Determine impact on Accenture offices and client teams during situations.
    c) Provide up-channel situation reporting to RPS Lead.
    d) Assist local management with risk vulnerability assessments.
    e) Support Business Resiliency certification procedures and initiatives.
  4. Watch Officer Program Support the WO Program by serving as Watch Officer as per designed schedule

Must Have:

• College degree in military or police education; criminology or any related field
• Safety and Security Acumen
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Very good planning and organizing skills
• Presentation skills

Good to Have:

Certified Protection Professional, Certified Security Professional, Licensed Criminologist

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Accenture Job Hiring Job Careers Job Applications Apply Now Latest Jobs in the Philippines Job Hiring Near Manila, Cebu and Davao, Job Vacancy

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